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Women's Watches £350 - £450

Are you looking for and buying a special watch for your special lady? Or are you the type of female who are into collection of watches? With a higher budget cap under £500, it opens many choices for you. Watch brands including Kronaby or Polar that easily fit under such price tag.

Between price range £350-£450, you should get a timepiece with personality. The watch's personality can be reflected through classic chronograph or elegant rose gold watches. The type of watch strap must be taken into serious consideration. Even when your specially purchased watches are just a gift, they are also designed in the first place to be worn and enjoyed in people's everyday life. Beside the personality, these watches are durable and can be long-lasting for years. The person, especially a lady, when she is gifted and wearing this special timepiece, it reminders her of your presence in her life.

Even for the couples who have been together in a relationship for many years, watches can be given on any anniversary, and they symbolize the passing of time in both of your lives. A man who gives his wife a watch as an anniversary gift is reminding her of all the amazing years they have been together, and the years still to come.