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Women's Watches £250 - £350

Kronaby, Festina, Police are just some of the brands that you should consider for ladies' designer watches under £400.

Some Police brand watches possess unique elements. This classic ladies' police watch combines sport and elegance which comes with a steel case. The watch's bracelet made of the same material which ensures consistency and use of comfort. The most unique element of female watch is the skull placed on the silver dial which reflects the character. The watch's dial is covered with durable mineral glass which is clear and legible.

Why watches are important in our life, especially for women? For forgetful persons, a watch can often be used as a lifesaver in unpredictable situations. Not satisfied with the £250-350 price tag of watches? At WatchPilot you'll usually find more than you need also in other price ranges including watches under £500, under £300, under £200, under £100 or under $50.