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Women's Watches £150 - £250

The price tag of £150-£250 can be tricky to consumers who want to buy a designer timepiece as gift for ladies, or womens who just need watches for everyday's use. But this is not a problem at all at WatchPilot. You have choices in Burberry, Michael Kors, Police, Nordgreen, Festina, Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs and more.

With one of the Marc Jacobs ladies' watches, you'll find it is in a silver stainless steel skeleton and has a classic, chic and edgy three-link bracelet. This brings the very elegance to a woman's wrist.

Another is a Burberry ladies' purple leather strap watch with an analogue display in silver dial and it is a fantastic quartz driven watch for women.

Watches are a special and luxury gift from a man to a woman. Unboxing a well-designed watch is an experience with nothing quite like it as it contains an element of surprise when you slide open the watch box to see exactly what is inside. A watch is also a daily reminder for the ladies who are wearing them on their wrist. It is a good way for men to tell their ladies how much they care about them in their everyday life.