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U-Boat Watches

IIvo Fontana was commissioned back in 1942 to create a durable, professional watch for the officers of the Italian navy’s U-Boats. While the project didn’t go ahead, little did he know that almost 60 years later the U-Boat brand would be a major player within the industry. Now, their designs are based on those original drawings, colours and materials, while U-Boat watches are recognisable worldwide for their bold, vintage-inspired and oversized styles.

Hand crafted in Tuscany, U-Boat watches for men and ladies offer customers exceptional quality and unique designs, using only the best quality materials that makes them ideal for the style-conscious and those looking to make a lasting impression. The styles on offer epitomise the four pillars of the brand: identity and uniqueness, Tuscan craftsmanship, quality and materials and innovation. With a wide range of mens' U Boat watches and ladies' U Boat watches on offer, find your ideal watch at WatchPilot today.

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