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TW Steel Watches

Discover our unique collection of formidable TW Steel watches here at WatchPilot.

Founded in 2005 by Father and son duo Ton and Jordy Cobelens, TW Steel have quickly become renowned for their oversized, bold and remarkably durable statement timepieces. Ton’s experience in the watch industry began 25 years prior in 1980 as a distributor and designer, before moving into marketing where he created campaigns for the Swatch group until establishing TW Steel with son and current CEO Jordy.  Combining distinctive Dutch design and Swiss manufacturing the entire range is created using high-quality steel made to last the course. From the F1 inspired collections to the ‘CEO tech,’ time is of the essence for the modern man on the go. Unapologetically unique, unashamedly unconventional, be unafraid to stand out with your brand new TW Steel timepiece.