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Thomas Earnshaw Watches

The contributions of watchmaker Thomas Earnshaw are of monumental significance to the world of Horology. Few people since have had his levels of impact. Originally from Manchester, England, he is celebrated around the world for dramatically improving the marine chronometers of his day. This collection of Thomas Earnshaw watches continues his legacy and showcases modern engineering brilliance. 

For an effortless blend of elegance, sophistication, and precision, look no further than an Earnshaw timepiece. These watches capture attention immediately and refuse to let it go. Whether you need a stylish new accessory or need a level of accuracy that won’t let you down, there’s plenty to choose from at WatchPilot. 

Browse our catalogue of analogue, automatic, and chronograph variants. Also choose from either leather or stainless steel options. You might also like our collection of Marc Jacobs timepieces.

When you shop with Watch Pilot, you’re putting your trust in a closely vetted collection of the world’s best watches. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. Comments? Questions?  Get in touch today.