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Smart Watches £250 - £350

For ladies' smartwatches with price tag under £400, Festina and Kronaby are just some of the brand names that you can find at WatchPilot.

Nowadays smartwatches are wearable computers in the form of wristwatches that are more than timekeeping like the traditional watches. When you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone with some apps, you can get incoming calls and messages, and get directions through the maps.

If you're a person into regular exercises, whether it is yoga, spin class or strength training at the gym, you can leverage the benefits of using a smartwatch.

Here is another reason for you to buy your first smartwatch. Even when smartphones can do many of the things you can do on a smartwatch, smartwatches are still better suited for some circumstances. All you need is to use the built-in GPS that comes with your smartwatch to track the length and speed of your run. This means it is totally okay for you leave your phone at home