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Smart Watches £100 - £150

With a budget under £200? At most other authentic watch shops, you will often struggle to choose a stylish smartwatch. But plenty of Lotus smart watches are within this price range from WatchPilot's collection. You'll find more than enough choices in Lotus smart watches and even some Polar.

Smartwatches within £100-£150 provide good value as a gift for friends and family. In practical terms, they are even more useful especially for health improvement. You can use a smartwatch to track everything from steps per day, your heart rate or calories burned. When connecting your smartwatch to some apps, you will be able to keep track of the progress of your daily exercises and encourge yourself to reach your fitness goals.

When you purchase your smart watch from WatchPilot, an official stockist of leading designer brands of timepieces, you'll get free UK delivery.