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Skagen Connected Watches

Are you looking for a smartwatch for everyday wear, workouts, and travel? We always have the solutions for you at WatchPilot. Skagen smartwatches such as the Falster series can synchronise to your Android or iOS device. This allows you to monitor activities and notifications without having to press a button. The notifications include alarm clock, app alerts, calendar alerts, email, time zones, social media and text.

Skagen smartwatches are light in weight and comfort on your wrist. The watches' high quality leather strap is made of water-resistant material. The dial and buckle are corrosion resistant and are made of stainless steel.

Skagen, the brand name, was taken from the northernmost port town in Denmark, and has become the forefront during the early nineties in USA. Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, the Danish-born founders, successfully captured the simplistic style of the hometown's down-to-earth and amiable living which has been transformed to form the Skagen watch brand.