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Polar Watches

If you’re looking for a fitness watch, then look no further than a Polar watch.

Polar watches were first designed to track the heart rate of Finnish cross-country skiers, and from there, Polar flew to fame as one of the leading watch brands for athletes.

If you’re looking for a fitness watch, Polar is the brand to buy from. Founded in 1977, since then, Polar has managed to launch the first wire-free heart rate monitor (in 1982) and in 2015, Polar launched its first optical wrist-reading heart rate monitor.

Since then, Polar has only strengthened their reliance on technology – with their watches’ capability strengthening as a result. Now, Polar distributes watches that act as a heart rate monitor, watches that assist in fitness training, and even, a line of bike computers.

When it comes to physical activity, a Polar watch is the only thing you’ll need.