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Pocket Watches

Like to do things a little differently? You might just enjoy our collection of pocket watches on this page. They’re for those who refuse to be anything but normal. These classic timepieces hearken back to the golden age of horology. They’re stylish, built to the highest standards, and remarkably affordable. If you’ve never owned a pocket watch before (to be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised), you’re in for a treat. There’s something so special about carrying a piece of time-telling history around with you.

The Watch Pilot catalogue of pocket products has plenty to choose from. Browse up to four different dial colours from various legendary brands. We’re particularly fond of the selection available from Thomas Earnshaw. They’ll be sure to bring more than a touch of class wherever you take them. To see our other options, use the filters on the side of the page to home in on your favourites. There’s more to choose from than you might expect.

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