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Pilot Sunglasses

Pilot watches are also well known as aviator eyewear. Aviators (or "pilot") are special types of sunglasses that are known for their sleek design and large lens.

If you believe pilot eyewear look cool and stylish, there is no such actual fact in science to support it. Aviators or pilots look cool because some of the coolest people including many celebrities in the world have worn them. You'll find the coolest pilot sunglasses in brands including Givenchy, Carrera and Polaroid.

In practical use, pilot sunglasses are mostly used to block harmful sun rays from reaching to your eyes directly. They also guard your eyes from unexpected bright light. In the old days, pilot sunglasses were used to avoid headaches and combat decreased visibility. Real fighter pilots flying their planes at high speeds with their miltary missions while wearing this type of sunglasses.