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Mondaine Watches

We stock a large range of quality swiss made Mondaine watches at great prices. Find Mondaine watches for men and women.

Mondaine watches originated from a clock blueprint. Mondaine, the the Swiss watch brand, has minimized the design and applied the clock blueprint to wristwatches as the official licensee with authenticity and punctual look.

It was in 1944 when Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss Engineer and Designer and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways, created a clock which has become known as the Official Swiss Railways Clock which is an icon of modern time-telling.

The Swiss Federal Railways have been famous for punctuality and precision. A red paddle at the station was used to announce to passengers and train conductors that the train is about to depart. The seconds hand of Mondaine watches has inherited the shape of the red paddle.

A typical Mondaine watch has timeless design which is equipped with innovative BackLight Technology and lights up the time without using any batteries. In dark places, the underside of the hands glow and light up the dial.