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Mondaine Men's Watches

Mondaine watches for men possess all these features in the world of renowned design codes with an unmistakable easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand.

A typical Mondaine watch is made with a thin foil coated extra strong Superluminova material to allow maximum visibility at night and has hardened mineral crystal to protect the iconic dial.

The Backlight Technology of men's Mondaine watches provides high visibility of the hands at night while maintaining 100% of the visual effect of the watch's design.

The reason behind the glowing hands: In the dark, the Mondaine watch which the coated luminous reflects light onto the white dial. This light from the dial is reflected back to the luminous foil on the back side of the hands. This allows the continuous recharging of the luminous material and the creation of perpetual glow for the watch.

Choose from our large range of Mondaine men's watches.