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Men's Titanium Watches

Many people buy a watch to make a fancy statement and nothing more. For some customers, however, a statement isn’t quite enough. If you need unrivalled durability and phenomenal outdoor performance, look no further than our collection of men’s titanium watches. They look fantastic but are built for so much more. Expect reliability and durability that’s head and shoulders above the rest. 

The word titanium has its roots in the Ancient Greek ‘titan’ meaning ‘first sons of the earth’. It’s a remarkably lightweight material that doesn’t compromise on strength. Our selection of premium timepieces are designed to stand up to practically anything you throw at them. If you work a lot outdoors, we strongly recommend browsing our catalogue on this page. 

If rugged weatherproofing matters to you, be sure to check out our waterproof watches here

At WatchPilot, we’re passionate about making it easier to buy from the watch brands you love. We care a great deal about the satisfaction of our customers. Get in touch today if you have any comments or questions.