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G-Shock Watches

The Casio G-Shock watch was initially designed with an idea of a watch that never breaks and pushes for limits. Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe in 1983 has created the G-Shock watch to resist centrifugal, impact forces and withstand high water pressure. This makes the story of G-Shock being a real tough watch.

G-shock watches may emerge as the Frozen Forest series, original rectangular case shape, or the latest G-SQUAD addition. The watch bands are made of soft urethane material to improve the fitting to your wrist. The vent holes are for better breathability. In terms of usability and durability, Casio G-Shock is certainly one of the best designer watches.

The smartphone linked G-Shock can measure distance using an accelerometer while linked with the GPS function of a smartphone via Bluetooth. If you're into regular running or exercising, you can use G-Shock as a sport watch while calculating your pace through distance and running time measurements. Step tracking is possible. There is an auto lap feature that automatically records the time it takes you to cover a specific distance. Most G-shock watches has super illuminator faces illumination that keeps face information easy to read, even when you're running in the dark.