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The UK’s most swipeable outfits

The UK’s most swipeable outfits-WatchPilot

Our survey reveals the outfits that Brits find the most attractive... 

Found yourself on dating apps more over lockdown? You’re not alone - many of them have reported huge increases in downloads in the last year, including Tinder which has noticed chats last 10 to 20 times longer now more people are at home.

If you’ve ever struggled to choose which photo of yourself to post on Tinder or Hinge, you’re not the only one. A picture tells 1,000 words, and in the case of many dating apps, it’s the one thing that people pay most attention to before swiping left or right. 

Your outfit can say a lot about you - it’s the way we show our identity, and how we express ourselves. But what clothes, accessories and even colours are most attractive to people when swiping right? 

We surveyed 2,000 British adults to find out their ideal outfits, colour of clothes, shoes and accessories on the gender(s) that they find the most attractive. 

The results are in, and these are the most attractive outfits on men and women, as voted for by you...

Swimwear was voted as the most attractive outfit on a womanA suit and tie was voted as the most attractive outfit on a man

Want to dig a little deeper into the results? 

What outfits do we find most attractive on women?


For those who said they are into women, they told us that beachwear was their favourite outfit. Bikinis, swimwear and kaftans on women are apparently the most attractive to those that find females the most attractive, with 34% rating that as their top outfit. 

However, of those who voted:

  • 14% of women who find women most attractive voted for swimwear.
  • A whopping 40% of men who are into women voted for the outfit. 

The male attraction seems to still be heavily based on women’s bodies - something which we’d argue is a huge double standard when you see what outfit men are voted as most attractive in. 

Swimwear was the top outfit for all age ranges, except those between 55 and 64, who rated a floral dress as their favourite outfit on a woman. 

The outfits that Brits find most attractive on women:

1 - Swimwear and bikinis - 34%

2 - Jeans and a nice top - 30%

3 - Cocktail dress - 25% 

4 - Floral dress - 22%

5 - Summer maxi dress - 21%


Flattering, elegant and never out of style, black is still the chicest colour, with 25% claiming it as their shade of choice. It was a close one - black beat reds as top colour by just five votes.

Top-voted colours:

1 - Black - 25%

2 - Red, maroon, burgundy, pink - 25%

3 - Pastels - 21%


A whopping 43% preferred high heels on women, for that little touch of glamour. Well, they’re the ultimate power shoe, after all. 

The shoes that Brits find most attractive on women:

1 - High heels - 43%

2 - Boots - 34%

3 - Sandals - 16%


Accessories make an outfit, so if you have any of these on in your pictures, you’re onto a winner. 

The accessories that Brits find most attractive on women:

1 - Necklace - 39%

2 - Earrings - 36%

3 - Sunglasses - 27%


What outfits do we find most attractive on men?


Almost half of people surveyed said that a suit and tie was their favourite men’s outfit. A classic combo, and a stark contrast to the top voted outfit for women - a lot less flesh on show.  

This result was very consistent across all age groups. Interestingly, swimwear on men was much less popular - with just 6% voting trunks as their favourite outfit. 

The outfits that Brits find most attractive on men:

1 - Suit and tie - 46%

2 - Smart shirt and jeans - 43% 

3 - Plain tee and jeans - 38%

4 - Leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans - 22%

5 - Chinos and a jumper - 20% 


Dark colours are the order of the day for men, with 40% choosing blacks, greys, browns and navy. Debonair and dashing!

The colours that Brits find most attractive on men:

1 - Dark shades (navy, black) - 40%

2 - Blues and greens - 32% 

3 - Neutrals (greys, browns) - 29%


Shoes won’t always be in your online dating pic, but if they are, boots are the prime favourite. A classic - but can be difficult to pair with a suit!

The shoes that Brits find most attractive on men:

1 - Boots - 31%

2 - Brogues - 27%

3 - Low-top trainers - 24% (high-tops only got 11% of the votes - do with that information what you will)


When it comes to men, the most popular accessories are  the classic wristwatch and sunglasses.

But it was a close-run race: though both accessories took 36% of the vote, watches pipped sunglasses by a single vote. So it really came down to the wire!  Nothing says sophistication like a wristwatch. 

The accessories that Brits find most attractive on men:

1 - Classic wristwatch - 36% (394 votes)

2 - Sunglasses - 36% (393 votes)

3 - Belt - 29%


Tim Harrison, MD at WatchPilot, commented on the findings: “Beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder, and you should always dress in the way that makes you feel most confident and empowered. We did this survey as we wanted to see what fashion and beauty standards were like in 2021.

“There’s a stark contrast between the votes for a sophisticated suit for men, while for women, people opt for someone who looks confident in swimwear. This perhaps shows that women’s bodies are still the focus of desires for many Brits, while the connotations of a suit - wealth, affluence and refinement - are what makes a man most appealing."


Research carried out in association with OnePoll.