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The Best Men's Watches For Under £500

The Best Men's Watches For Under £500-WatchPilot

Looking stylish doesn’t need to break the bank - the horological landscape has shifted in recent years to bring you a greater variety in style and price. A high quality men’s watch is an item of pride - something that will last - and this article will help you find the ideal watch for you. All for under £500, this range will look great on your wrist - as well as being good for your wallet.

Emporio Armani Men’s brown leather strap watch AR60005



This luxurious watch is the perfect combination of practicality and style. The rose gold stainless steel skeleton compliments the brown leather watch strap in this eye-catching piece. Perfect for both formal and casual wear.

As expected from Emporio Armani’s line of products, this watch is finished to the highest quality. Complete with quartz movement for a smooth display, this watch is also water resistant up to depths of 50 metres.

A watch that can be used for adventurers and office workers alike, its versatility is a factor that makes it so enticing, and all for a very affordable price.

AVI-8 Men’s burnt gold brown Hawker Harrier leather matador chronograph AV-4065-02


With design inspired by aviation, specifically the Hawker Harrier ‘Jump Jet’, this watch displays a complex array of gears and wheels. Every detail has been carefully considered, with references to aviation throughout every aspect - including the disc display that allows 1/20 of a second split time measurement.

The complexity gives it a unique style and its rich history certainly makes this watch a talking point. A good choice for lovers of aviation, engineering or anyone who wants a unique timepiece.

Dufa men’s black Aalto leather automatic regulator watch DF-9017-02


A modest watch that pairs simplicity with quality, the Dufa Aalto takes a minimalist approach for a clean and sharp look by splitting hours, minutes and seconds into three separate cycles. 

The white face rimmed with gold on a dark brown, hand-stitched, genuine Italian leather strap highlights that this is a watch for someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Electricianz men’s brown Z metal stainless steel watch ZZ-A4C/01


This statement piece has a futuristic touch, with LED backlighting that makes this watch look amazing, both night and day. The intricate design on the watch face gives it a mysterious feel; it consists of more than 50 individual pieces to create the look.

The inside gives a professional-yet-rustic look as it uses a monochrome palette of browns. Influenced by concepts of energy and underground cultures, it’s a rich timepiece made with a deep backstory.

Made using Swiss technology, you know the quality is of the highest order, giving you a reliable watch that’s both interesting and creative.

Polar smart watch vantage V white premium GPS multisport and triathlon training heart rate 90070736


Perfect for athletes of all levels, this watch is the perfect accompaniment to your training.

Made with premium materials, it uses Precision Prime sensor fusion technology to measure your heart rate and help you reach your goals. It boasts an array of features to aid your training so you can keep track of your pace and distance at a glance.

The extra-long battery life means nothing can get in your way, while its trendy look means it’s a great workout addition as well as an undeniable asset to your everyday look.

Tommy Hilfiger men’s blue multi-function watch 1791505


Rimmed with a gold case, you’ll look the part with this elegant Tommy Hilifiger piece on your wrist. A classic watch that makes a great first impression: the large blue watch face is eye-catching and gives it a real hint of character.

The attention to detail of the dials and three hand movement makes this a top watch - especially for £150.

One of the more affordable watches available, but without any compromise on the style or quality, makes this an ideal choice.

Emporio Armani men’s classic stainless steel chronograph watch AR2434


An ideal watch for those after a more classic and traditional look, the Emporio Armani stainless steel watch is the ultimate asset for a true gentleman. The stainless steel bracelet and case with the black watch face gives a polished finish that makes this timepiece a highly professional addition to your look.

Its durability makes it suited for everyday wear too, as it’s water resistant up to 50 metres. The chronograph display and date display makes this watch everything you need all in one.

Columbia black ridge runner nylon analogue-digital watch CSC05-003


This watch has a retro feel to it with both a digital and analogue display. A unique style that’s great for those who love a throwback look.

The Columbia black ridge runner has everything you need for your sportswear, complete with a timer, alarm and full date display.

The textile strap allows for ultimate comfort throughout your run, or for everyday wear.

Briston men’s dark red Clubmaster iconic nylon automatic watch 19740.SA.TI.8.NBDX


Stand out with this vibrant watch from Briston’s range of Clubmaster watches. It comes in different colours to suit the statement you want to make.

The deep red watch face complements the tortoiseshell case, and the small window  showing the mechanism gives this watch a sense of character.

At an affordable price, it still features sapphire glass and a quirky transparent case-back to give a full view of the rotor in action.

Diesel men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0 chronograph watch DZ7396



This watch makes you look like you mean business: the solid black colour makes this piece striking and bold, but it hides a high level of detail.

It’s a large watch with a width of 57mm but within that it has a multi-level dial, four time zones on display and the technology to resist water up to 30 metres.

It’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of watches, and wearing something as daring as this will make you feel like you can take on any challenge. 

For further inspiration view our whole range of mens’ watches, or get in touch for any advice you require!