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Best Dive Watches Under £1000

Best Dive Watches Under £1000

If you’re a watch fanatic and want to spice up your collection, you should probably consider a diver’s timepiece. They come in an array of different styles that can suit any occasion, and the best thing about them, they’re not going to break the bank completely. 

To be deemed a dive watch, they must be compliant with the ISO 6425 standards, which contain a number of requirements, including that the watch must have a minimum water resistance equivalent to 100m. Because of these standards, you’re guaranteed that you’ll receive a quality watch that is crafted under solid regulations. 

Nonetheless, divers’ watches are phenomenal watches to have in your arsenal. Without further ado, let’s get into the best dive watches under £1000. 

Accurist Orange Divers Style Watch

Accurist 7306 Men's Orange Divers Style Watch


If you want to invest in a well-renowned brand that produces diver watches, I recommend Accurist. This British manufacturer was first established back in 1946, and they only craft their watches from the finest Swiss-made components. 

All Accurist watches are durable, made with quality materials and look incredible. Considering the price, this watch is a “no-brainer” to purchase. Don’t fancy orange? More diver-style watches from Accurist can be found here. 

Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide Diver Watch

Meccaniche Veneziane 1302013 Men's Nereide Diver Watch


Now, if you want something that is slightly more upmarket and prestigious, you need to consider Meccaniche. By far, this brand crafts the best swiss dive watches that are under £1000. 

Meccaniche Veneziane was created by two brothers and was only launched back in 2018. Due to its popularity, this brand has been highly successful over the last couple of years and they have well-established themselves within the industry. 

Without a doubt, all Meccaniche Veneziane watches are built with quality and beauty in mind. They’re durable but still offer an aesthetically pleasing look to them.

U-Boat Noble Green Darkmoon Watch

U-Boat 8702 Men's Noble Green Darkmoon Watch


For those that enjoy vibrant colourways on their watches, this U-Boat diver watch is a must. U-Boat has been recognized within the industry for the last 20-years for its unique and tailor-made timepieces. 

If you’re looking for a dive watch under £1000, this may be your one. The entire watch looks flawless, and the black weather-resistant strap perfectly complements its dark green shadow-like analogue. Apart from looking extraordinary, it also provides all the unique benefits that diver watches offer.

Meccaniche Veneziane Red Nereide Diver Watch

Meccaniche Veneziane 1302006J Men's Red Nereide Diver Watch


Throughout this article, you’ll see Meccaniche Veneziane pop up a few times, and there’s good reason for it. This is a brand we trust at Watch Pilot, and we can always rely on them to deliver quality to our customers. In particular, this watch may be our favourite dive watch for under £1000. This immensely bold watch comes equipped with a beautiful red face and silver strap, which looks phenomenal for all occasions.

The great thing about this brand is they offer an abundance of different styles and colours. Don’t fancy the red and silver? Why not browse the rest of their range

Briston Brown Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch

Briston Brown Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch 18642.PS.D.10W.LVC


A brand we haven’t mentioned yet is Briston. If you want a British dive watch for under £1000, this company is your ideal solution. This watch brand was established in Oxford and Cambridge, two quintessentially English towns. These casual looking dive watches are made with class and are inspired by sports such as polo, boat racing and cricket. 

This automatic movement watch comes with a genuine walnut wood dial and vintage leather strap. The combination of both the colours and materials makes it look elegant yet sporty, to suit multiple outfits and occasions.

Briston Black Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch

Briston Black Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch 20642.S.D.1.SB

If you’re not a fan of the leather strap and wooden dial, Briston has you covered. This well-established brand has a watch for everybody. From different styles, mechanisms, colours, and much more, Briston’s range can honestly amaze you. For a more comprehensive look at what Briston watches are available, check out their collection here.

Meccaniche Veneziane Blue Nereide Diver Watch

Meccaniche Veneziane 1302017 Men's Blue Nereide Diver Watch


With watches, you either love or hate colour. However, we all must agree that this Blue Nereide Diver Watch from Meccaniche Veneziane looks stunning. We’ve mentioned that Meccaniche would cropup a few times throughout this post, and I’m sure you understand why. 

This great looking watch is a tribute to a Venetian submarine named the Nereide, which was built in 1913. This watch takes us back in time and recalls the design of a truly groundbreaking watercraft invention.

Accurist Signature Divers Watch

Accurist 7268 Men's Black Signature Divers Watch


If you’re looking for something affordable but still want to make a bold statement, we have to recommend the Signature Divers Watch from Accurist. Accurist are professionals at creating affordable watches that look expensive. 

This watch comes with a rather classical watch design that’ll suit nearly all occasions. The silver strap with the black analogue is a perfect and ideal match for anyone who doesn’t like highly colourful watches.

Meccaniche Veneziane Black Arsenale 4.0 Diver Watch

Meccaniche Veneziane 1303008 Men's Black Arsenale 4.0 Diver Watch


It would be rude not to mention this watch, as the black and gold perfectly complement each other. Without a doubt, this design will be a popular choice for many reading this article. Black goes with quite literally everything, and the gold gives off that more prestigious look. 

If you’ve read the above article on the best dive watches under £1000 and you don’t see anything you like, you may want to take a look at our guide to The Best men’s watches for under £1000. Here we talk about a wider range of  watch types and styles, instead of solely dive watches. 

As you’re able to see from the above, there is an abundance of different dive watches you can invest in. The multitude of unique brands, designs, and colours we stock is immense, and it’s almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for with Watch Pilot. If you’re struggling with the sheer weight of watches available, why not check out our helpful guide to buying your first designer watch

However, if you’re struggling to find your ideal diver watch, why not contact us? Here you’ll be able to express your needs, and we’ll direct you to what we think may be the perfect watch for you.